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Oils, MW5, Pumps and Sump Management

tektrak - good quality coolant & accessories one-stop shop!
Our range of products covers all aspects of cutting fluid control, testing and monitoring and includes coolant pumps,  RBS dipslide and MBC control products for MW5 compliance. Buy Dipslides Now - go to our SHOP-speedy delivery Only £8.84/Box!  We also supply a fine range of ready-to-use coolants for your application.

Metalworking Products include coolant recovery pumps, coolant transfer pumps, swarf suction guns and blow guns, pH papers, hardness testing, PERA IP test materials, chlorides, refractometers, all products to assist with sump management and the elimination of bacteria and smells in sumps.

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Anaerobic Culture Tubes SRB (Box 10)


Anaerobic Culture Tubes  (SRB - Sulphite Reducing Bacteria) - These bacteria exist when the oil is stagnant such as metalworking sumps or oil sto..


availabe: 998 in stock

Belt Skimmer 36" Drop


Belt Skimmer 36" Drop OIL Skimmers for Tramp oil removal The Tektrak tramp oil belt skimmer is a cost effective, efficient and adaptable solution for ..


availabe: 998 in stock

Cast Iron Chips IP287 (IP 287 Test Materials)


 IP 287 IP Materials  This item is for IP Test IP 287 supplied 1 x 250g. Tektrak the sole manufacturer and distributor of Pera Cas..


availabe: 909 in stock

Cast Iron IP test materials - Cast Iron Plate IP125


Cast Iron Plate IP125 for IP testing of Cast Iron   REF:  IP Test Material Cast Iron Plate IP125 We are the sole authorised seller ..


availabe: 995 in stock

Chloride Indicator Test Strips for metalworking and coolant x 100


Chloride Indicator Test Strips for quick and easy testing of metalworking fluids/soluble oils.100 per box, Range 0-3000 Colour change Brown to yellow ..


availabe: 996 in stock

Coolant Belt Skimmer 16" Drop


Our Coolant Belt Oil Skimmer (16" Drop)  is ideal for Tramp oil removal.  The Tektrak tramp oil belt skimmer is a cost effective, efficient ..


availabe: 998 in stock

Coolant Chloride Test Kit


Metalworking Coolant Chloride Test Kit -  (F730) Test kit comprises •Indicator •Titrant •Low range titrant •50ml glass bottle •20m..


availabe: 998 in stock

Coolant control kit compact (F735)


Coolant control kit compact (F735) Test kit comprises: •High quality refractometer 0-18% brix scale •Water hardness test sticks •pH papers..


availabe: 999 in stock

Coolant Pump Kit - Air Operated


Coolant Pump Kit  - Air Operated Kit Description and features: Air Operated Coolant Pump Kit 2.5 metres Vacuum Hose Barrel Fittings ..


availabe: 997 in stock

Showing 1 to 9 of 37 (5 Pages)