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Turbidity Tube for Potable Water

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             Turbidity Tube / nephelometer, Potable Water Test Kit designed to measure turbidity within t..


  • Turbidity Tube / nephelometer, Potable Water Test Kit designed to measure turbidity within the acceptable parameters for drinking water.  
  • Measuring turbidity is important when measuring the quality of water. Turbidity is used to indicate the presence of pathogens, bacteria, and other contaminants i.e.  lead and mercury which are harmful to  aquatic life and human health. For this reason turbidity is measured in drinking water and wastewater systems.
  • Tektrak turbidity tube complies with drinking water / potable water testing for marine and industry,  including, MLC 2006 Standard A3.2 – Food and Catering, paragraph 7, for testing of the supplies of drinking water”, 
  •  & Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality (2008) etc... 
  • Excess turbidity can cause heavy metals to be added to the water supply. These metals may include lead, mercury, and cadmium, which are toxic to humans. Turbidity can harm aquatic life by reducing the food supply, degrading spawning beds and affecting the function of fish gills.
  • Turbidity is caused by particles suspended or dissolved in water that scatter light making the water appear cloudy or murky. Particulate matter can include sediment particularly clay and silt, fine organic and inorganic matter, soluble coloured organic compounds, algae, and other microscopic organisms
  • Tektrak turbidity tube is calibrated to give easily interpreted results. 

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