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Proportional Mixer - Metal

Proportional Mixer - Metal
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Proportional Mixer (metal) (As pictured but metal manufacture) Model F- 430 Series drum mount dispensers mount to any 2 1/2” bung opening to mix metalworking fluid directly from the drum or tote at the correct dilution High induction model dispenses 5g pm with a maximum induction of 1.5-1, brass construction with metering screw adjustment. Capable of delivering up to 27Litres per minute of diluted product at 40psi. Proportional units offer a low cost option for fluid mixing, where cost and siting are limiting factors. Advantages are gained over manual mixing. Installation should always comply with local water regulations, requiring the provision of a 1" air gap between the unit and water supply. Suitable for Concentrate Viscosities up to 500cP Adaptor for 25 litre drum (Optional Extra) (Model 161 25 Ltr Adaptor/ Collar available to enable fitting to a standard Plastic 25 litre coolant drum (See Adaptor Collar)

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