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Oil skimmer is a mechanised approach that separates a liquid from anything denser floating on it or from another liquid. Oil floating on water is a common use for an oil skimmer and within the metalwork industry it is very much the standard equipment for removing oil from a tramp because of the low cost of running an oil skimmer.

Oil Skimmer Benifits

  1. Coolant life is extended
  2. Quality of machined parts is increased
  3. Reduced vapours or smoke within the machining area.
  4. Oil Skimmers remove "rotten egg" odor.

Oil skimmers that are removing tramp oils control these problems simply by the reduced waste of fluid.

Oil Skimmer Types

Tube Oil Skimmer                                                                                                                   Belt Oil Skimmer

                     Disc Oil Skimmer

Rope Oil Skimmer - usually used for larger operations

Most oil skimmers work by passing an object through a liquid and then cleaning the oil off object surface, oil skimmers are a simple design, all of our oil skimmers are tried and tested and very efficient.

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