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pH Papers/Test Strips (100) 7 - 14 range

pH Papers/Test Strips (100) 7 - 14 range
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pH Papers/Test Strips (100) 7 - 14 range PH test strips Recommended for pH measurement in weakly buffered or strongly alkaline solutions pH-Fix indicator sticks are for the rapid measurement of the pH of a water sample. Additionally they can be used for monitoring the pH of a sample during analysis to avoid errors due to weakly buffered solutions. For this purpose pH-Fix indicator sticks are clearly superior to other pH papers. In contrast to conventional indicator papers, the indicator dyes of pH-Fix sticks are chemically bonded to the cellulose fibres. As a result the possibility of colour bleeding, even in strongly basic solutions, is avoided.

Furthermore there are the following advantages:

•Measurement of pH values is possible even in unbuffered solutions, since the sticks can be left in the solution until the final reaction colour is obtained.

•Test samples are not contaminated by the indicator dyes. Thus solutions can be used for further investigations.

•Colours of the individual colour fields cannot run into each other. This allows a more precise comparison the colour scale.

•Specially developed indicator dyes guarantee a sharp differentiation between the individual pH values and a clear and easy comparison with the colour scale. Length and stability of the plastic strips protect fingers from contact with the test solution.

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