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Sump Deodorising Tablets

Sump Deodorising Tablets
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Sump deodorisation tablets SDT Odor control tablets for sumps and systems smaller than 500 litres. Water-based coolants & Washer systems

•Reduces Bio-film
•Not a perfume •Safe to handle
•Easy to Use
•No Disposal Problems
•Neutralizes Endotoxins
•Destroys Coolant Odours IMMEDIATELY
•Does not cause skin sensitisation
•Supplied 15 Tablets per tube Usage Use one tablet per 100 litres coolant.

Treat weekly where required. Where sump smells have become pungent and the systems are badly fouled use 2 tablets per 100 litres of coolant. Do not place under swarf or in badly circulating areas of the coolant. Safe on gaskets, paint, seals and will not cause rusting. Overdosing is not harmful.

For larger sump sizes contact Tektrak for advice.

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