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Coolant Belt Skimmer 16" Drop

Coolant Belt Skimmer 16" Drop
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Our Coolant Belt Oil Skimmer (16" Drop)  is ideal for Tramp oil removal.  The Tektrak tramp oil belt skimmer is a cost effective, efficient and adaptable solution for the removal of one of the major variables to affect watermix metalworking fluids. Belt skimmers take up less surface area and have the benefit of achieving greater depth ie if the sump level fluctuates or if the distance from the top of the sump where the skimmer is fitted to the level at which the coolant needs to be skimmed. (Longer belts are available for exceptional applications).  Tramp oil harbors bacteria which in itself depletes the quality of the coolant eating up vital coolant additives designed for extended coolant life and cutting capabilities. Tramp oil is the main component which causes factories to have that "blue mist" problem and by tramp oil removal at the source of immediate contamination it eliminates a whole range of environmental issues including dermatis and cancer.

There are two types of skimmers belt and disc which are both are for the removal of tramp oil. The choice of skimmer type is dependent on the space available in the sump to fit an oil removal system. Tramp oil contamination of water-mix cutting fluids has a serious detrimental effect on both of the fluid and control. This is particularly true where these types of fluids are employed in machines originally designed for 'straight oils', which when converted to water mix fluids suffer from high levels of tramp oil. Whilst most fluids will reject 'tramp oil', it is still possible that large amounts can be carried as suspension. This extraneous oil provides food for bacteria, inhibits the measurement of true concentration and ultimately will lead to product failure, giving rise to increased production and disposal costs.

Tramp oil can also be a contributing factor in the generation of foam in high velocity systems. By removing 'tramp oil', coolant life can be increased, disposal volumes reduced proportional to the quantity of oil removed and overall coolant performance enhanced.

Constructed of heavy duty plastic:

•2 mounting options supplied with each unit.

•Built in timer.

•Digital display.

•Dual voltage.

•Fast easy installation

•16" Belt Drop


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