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Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump
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Vacuum Pump is the new portable and spill-free pump for safe, easy and cost-effective handling of containerised liquids.

How Vacuum Pump works:
Operation could not be simpler. The coolant pump is positioned in the neck of the container, and the handwheel is tightened to form an airtight and evaporation proof seal. Easy pumping pressurises the container, forcing coolant up through the feeder pipe. The dual action tap lever can now be turned for either measured or continuous coolant flow of up to 20 litres per minute. The standard Vacuum Pump is supplied with inlet feeder pipes and three interchangeable drum seals to fit container neck openings between 49.5mm and 60.0mm diameter. S.P. coolant pumps are also available with a smaller seal to fit 42.5mm to 44.0mm neck openings. An optional extension tap,with 2 metres of flexible pipe, dual-action tap lever, grip handle and nozzle guard, enables easy and safe drum to drum transfer and siphoning.

Vacuum Pump Colour Coding:
• Red: for non-food, water based fluids (coolant cutting oils - water based)

Vacuum Pump suitable for 205 litre drums to 25 litre cans.

Coolant Pump Large BarrelsCoolant Pump Small Barrels

Vacuum Pump Control:

Skin risks

  • Harm via skin or eye contact

Access and premises

  • Provide clean facilities for washing and taking refreshment, away from all machining activities.

Coolant Equipment

  • Limit skin contact; use mixing valves instead of manual mixing.
  • Provide chemical-resistant gloves.
  • Reduce splash risks; provide properly designed splash-guards. Don’t use rags or plastic sheeting.

Vacuum Pump Procedures

  • Warn workers to avoid getting splashes on their skin, particularly hands.
  • Can you adjust the flow rate to avoid overheating while minimising mist and splashes?
  • Stop delivery when not needed.

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