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Potable Water/Drinking Water Treatment and the enforcement of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) on 20th August 2013,  sets out regulations specifying the need to maintain high quality drinking water standards on board ship that ensures the crew are protected from waterborne health risks. It is estimated that the MLC 2006 will affect at least 40,000 ships that will need to be certified upon the convention's entry into force. Ship owners, managers and crew need to understand how the MLC 2006 affects them and to be able to develop and implement measures to ensure ongoing compliance with its requirements.   Whilst fresh water appears to form a small part of the vessels normal operating parameters, if left unattended it can have a significant bearing on the crew’s health and well-being. In addition to avoid possible vessel port detention for non-compliance is of paramount importance. Ships not only need to be inspected and certified within the deadlines, they are required to continue demonstrating compliance or they risk delays or detentions.   tektrak is offering a range of Potable Water Test Kits, which will allow ships staff to monitor and maintain the quality of the water and systems on board vessels, providing tests for common infectious bacteria that help to reduce the risk to health. Tektrak also provides a Water Safety Plan, it is known that few plans have been put into place, this is just as important as having a test kit on board,

The MCA recently commented on the tektrak WSP  -  " fresh water management plan is very comprehensive"  &  "a really good document" - August 2013

More information:   call us on 01684 290077, tektrak for marine test kits, Shipsan for Water Safety Plan and hygiene products  Aquamarinechemicals for all ship chemicals.              Maritime Labour Convention, 2006  

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