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Legionella Test Kit | Marine Monitoring

Legionella Test  Kit | Marine Monitoring
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Legionella Test Kit

for Marine Monitoring is the most up to date way to achieve rapid detection of Legionella for onsite and mobile engineers.


  • Legionella Test Kit is Ideal for mobile treatment engineers
  • Compact & portable design
  • Rapid detection of Legionella Bacteria
    • Legionella test kit results achieved in 30-35 minutes
  • Detects Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 bacteria
  • Easy to follow test procedure
  • Legionella test kit has everything included to perform 5 tests


The Legionella Test Kit for Marine Monitoring is high quality testing equipment from Tektrak for the rapid detection of legionella bacteria in industrial water.  Test results can be obtained in minutes instead of days.

The Legionella Marine Monitoring Test Kit provides the user:

  • Fast results
  • High sensitivity
  • In-line sampling

The Legionella test kit contains all the items required to perform 5 tests - including filters, recovery buffer, collection vessel and sample point.


This Legionella field test kit uses immunochromatographic assay, to detect the presence of cell surface antigens from Legionella bacteria in a sample

The presence of antigen causes the 'Test Line' to turn red in colour.  A 'Control Line' is included which should always turn red if the test has been performed correctly.

These tests are suitable for use with marine water systems, cooling towers and whirlpool spas.

The filtration step needs no pumping, just connect the sample point to the water system and use the system pressure to drive the filtration.

Legionella test kit follows a simple procedure and the results easily obtained within 30 to 35 minutes.  Once the result is obtained the treatment engineer can asses the water condition and complete any treatment necessary to ensure there is no risk of out breaks and subsequent litigation.

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