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Marine Incubator

Marine Incubator
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Marine Incubator specifically to meet Legionella Compliance and monitoring water conditions so that suitable measures can be taken based on up to date results reducing the risk of Legionella bacteria growing in cooling water systems.

This Marine Incubator is fully equiped to be capable of carrying out 4 tests and includes an incubator.

Key Features of Incubator
18 Dipslide Capacity
Compact and convenient design
Can be stood horizontally or vertically
Transparent PVC Door for easy viewing
Dipslides are visible without removing
Temperature range: 25-45°C
Accurate temperature control ±1°C
240V power supply

The incubator has a capacity to incubate 18 dipslides and the temperature can be adjusted between 25 and 45°C. The incubator has a transparent door which allows easy observation of the dipslides contained inside. It has an easy to remove tray which holds the the dipslides in place.

The incubator is compact and can be located in a horizontal or vertical position so as space can be utilised efficiently. It has been specifically designed for those treatment engineers who have a routine requirement to monitor a small number of cooling tower and it looks good in an office as well as a plant room. Its functional clear door makes regular monitoring very convenient.

This dipslide incubator can be set up in no time at all, using the as the incubator is factory set to 30°C, just plug it in and switch it on. It will be at 30°C in 30 minutes. Running on 220/240V mains electricity it is protected by an internal fuse and has over-temp protection for safe extended use.

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