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MLC 2006 20th August 2013

Monday 24th June 2013

It is the responsibility of the Ship Operator to provide safe water to passengers and crew for ALL intended purposes.

This means water on board must be free of all pathogenic organisms and harmful chemicals.
In order to comply with this requirement a Water Safety Plan must be designed and implemented for every vessel. This must include other risk issues over and above the design of the vessel. For example the quality of source water and the level of training of the Ship’s crew. The climate that the vessel is operating in and many other relevant issues and factors that increase or decrease risk.
It is not possible to give a universal set of monitoring parameters for every vessel type because the Water Safety Plan must be based on an individual risk assessment for each vessel. As a Company tekrak has been carrying out risk assessments for potable and domestic water systems for more than 20 years. This is now offered to Ship Operators in the marine sector. We also supply legionella test equipment.

Potable Water onboard sanitary test kit


Potable Water Test Kits in compliance with new legislation MLC 2006 20th August 2013. Each individual Safety Plan Must assess the specific Parameters that influence Risk for Each Vessel
With the help of information supplied by the Ship Operator the Water Safety Plan will identify risks, specify control points & design a control scheme that will specify operational monitoring limits and incorporate corrective actions plans. It will give each ship a management system that covers documentation, validation and verification as well as specifying communication procedures