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tektrak Cloud


Control and Prevention of Water-based infections and disease including Legionella.

Tektrak Cloud-easy, reliable, practical, cost-effective, Remote Data Management System for Ship Systems and Industry, Drinking & Potable Water, Boilers, Coolant. Independent Logging, Montioring, Assessment and review. Developed, tried tested and in use to reduce, control and prevent the risk of Legionnaires Disease, gastroentiritis, Coliforms,  Noro-virus etc.  and Water-borne infections on board ship. 

Real-time monitoring when and where you need it from Tektrak, for ships & Industry·

         Data Storage Management

·         Record

·          Audit

·          Manage

·          Control 

 All marine system management in a single app system on a 24/7 basis. Log-in Required.



·         Boilers

·         Cooling Systems

·         Water Safety Plan

·         SSC System Management

·         Hygiene System

·         Legionella Control System

Chemical products for Potable Water, sterilising, sterilants for surface and water treatment including spray super-chlorination visit www.shipsan.co.uk  for other cleaning and maintenance products for ships or leisure boats and yachts visit www.aquamarinechemicals.com


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